LETTER: We will continue LDF fight

I wanted to express our sincere thanks to Dewsbury MP, Simon Reevell, in arranging for the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, to meet both Chidswell and other Kirklees residents groups in his constituency to take onboard our views on the proposed Kirklees Local Development Framework.

Whilst we understood Mr Pickles wouldn’t be able to discuss the specific plans, we were delighted that he took time out to engage and carefully listen to us whilst understanding our opposition to these plans. If more of our elected officials within Kirklees Council had done the same, then maybe there wouldn’t have been a need to go to the very top.

Whilst 7,441 representations were made to Kirklees Council through their LDF consultation, 7,279 representations were submitted objecting to the Council’s ill thought out plans, equating to an overwhelming 98 per cent level of opposition. Both Elected Councillors and council officers are supposed to listen to residents, but these statistics alone clearly demonstrate that this never been the case here.

The next stage for Chidswell Action Group is to present our objections in front of the planning inspector, which we will be doing shortly. In the meantime, we will continue to fight the council & church landowners’ plans to decimate what little green belt we have remaining in Chidswell.

Rod Lilley and the Chidswell Action Group