Letter: We support combined authority’s traffic plan

Kirklees Council’s interest in becoming part of a Combined Authority for West Yorkshire and beyond is an important step towards addressing traffic congestion at Cooper Bridge and in Ravensthorpe.

Mirfield Labour Party is campaigning to improve local traffic conditions. We welcome this new development because none of the existing councils has enough clout on its own to attract the investment capital that will be needed. We will continue to press for our area to receive its fair share of funding available.

The Council will consult on the proposal and anyone who suffers from existing traffic jams should support it. The alternative is traffic growth that will cause increasing inconvenience and strangle our local economy. That would be against the interests of local business and employment and against those of any citizen whatever their need or desire to travel. Congratulations to Kirklees Council for its foresight in seeking to meet our need for improved mobility!

Michael Hutchinson

Mirfield Labour Party

Gregory Springs Lane