Letter: Sinking ship for taxpayers

David Cameron, with typical political ambiguity, played on the nations support of the NHS by stating in the Conservative manifesto there would be “no reduction in the health budget”.

Sounds fine to draw votes, but it said nothing about the “£20 Billion efficiency cuts” across the land.

Our health service is being squeezed from all sides yet expected to deliver a first class service. In addition to the “efficiency savings” the Mid Yorkshire Trust has to make “eye watering” repayments to the “private finance Initiative” (PFI) contract which increases every year. T

hey borrowed £311 million to rebuild Pontefract and Pinderfields hospitals. However, this “contract” will cost the taxpayer £1.57 Billion over the next 30 years. Talk about “Loan Sharks”.

These PFI contracts must have been negotiated by total incompetents, who then move on to pastures new, leaving this horrendous sinking ship to the taxpayer.

Our “Foreign Aid” budget is touching £12 Billion per year, for the foreseeable future, however, if this reverted to the pre coalition figure , around £6 Billion, we could completely wipe out the entire PFI commitment for 100 hospitals within 2 years and still support deserving countries. These are OUR hard earned taxes for schools, hospitals and other social responsibilities within a democracy, not to be squandered like confetti to some of these countries who detest the values our forefathers fought and died for. I wonder if UKIP will listen more intently to the electorate when we say “Charity begins at home”.

John Sheen

Moor Park Lane