Letter reveals ignorance and prejudice

What a miserable letter from Michael Bolton in last week’s Reporter and his expression of hate for the town of Dewsbury.

It never ceases to amaze me what uncomfortable lives some people lead There was a time when working class people were regarded as the ‘salt of the earth’ but the ignorance and prejudice of people like Mr Bolton now regard us with the derisory word ‘chav’.

The word ‘chav’ has become a symbol of inequality and class hatred in modern Britain.

I don’t use McDonald’s in Dewsbury, nor do I wish to see it close.

McDonald’s are used mainly by young people and served by young people. Instead of pouring bile on people who use McDonald’s Mr Bolton should ask the more serious questions - where does fast food come from? How is it made and what impact does it have on the local community? He should also show a little more respect for the local elected councillors who know the Dewsbury area far better than he does.

John Appleyard

Firthcliffe Parade