Letter: Mirfield Town Council building sale makes sense

SELL OFF Mirfield Town Council's offices might be sold by Kirklees.
SELL OFF Mirfield Town Council's offices might be sold by Kirklees.

I am so sorry the Mirfield Town Councillors are upset, nay furious, as your report states,regarding the suggestion that Kirklees Council is considering selling various sites in Mirfield, including the council offices on Huddersfield Road.

Mirfield Mayor Coun Vivien Lees-Hamilton is quoted as saying: “Kirklees Council have no business sense. You don’t sell off land and buildings “

I am amazed that she seems to be so out of touch with the realities of the impact of local council spending cuts which force councils to consider such actions.

I suppose she thinks that it is all right for the council to make hundreds of council employees redundant, cut back on essential services, but not to consider getting rid of costly buildings in order to try to protect services such as services for the elderly, children’s services, street cleansing and others?

I wonder if she realises how and why councils are faced with these difficult decisions.

As to the quote from Coun Kath Taylor that she is heartbroken. Saying Kirklees promised that the town council wouldn’t be made homeless.How melodramatic!

Imagine how the real homeless people would feel reading such a comment.

Perhaps she might consider how the cuts to local government, changes to welfare and the imposition of the bedroom tax have impacted upon a lot of the residents of Mirfield.

I think the ones lacking in business sense are the party the town’s mayor represents, not Kirklees Council.

John Lowe

Wheatley Terrace

Helme Lane


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