Letter: Local people are keeping their communities running – not politicians

Since 2010 this Government has had an ideological commitment to destroy the public sector by slashing local authority budgets, leading to more privatisation with cuts in services, jobs, frozen wages and a lack of democracy.

The concerns expressed recently in this paper by Tory representatives such as Simon Reevell MP and Robert Light over Kirklees Council Service Cuts is nothing more than crocodile tears.

Their idea of representing our communities is to destroy them. but we are not going to let them. Local people are more than capable of organising events without them.

This Bank holiday in my locality volunteers have helped out at the Flush Snooker Centre raising money for Macmillan Nurses, the Millbridge WMC raised cash for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, whilst up at the ‘Liversedge’ money was raised for the teenage cancer trust.

Such events happen all over the country, they are organised by people who wish to build our communities not destroy them. It also recognises the outstanding work of pubs and clubs in our area that raises thousands of pounds for good causes each year.

John Appleyard

Firthcliffe Parade