Letter: Greens will continue to argue for another way

We would like to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for the Greens on May 7.

Our local votes in both Dewsbury and in Batley and Spen constituencies were substantially increased to the highest General Election votes we have ever polled, while on the same day more than 7,000 people voted for Green candidates for the local council elections in the same areas. This was in spite of a big squeeze on our support by the Labour Party in particular, yet again proving that our first-past-the-post voting system is denying citizens the right to vote positively for what they believe in.

Our congratulations to Paula Sherriff and Jo Cox, the new Labour MPs. Although we do not share Labour’s policies or views on a wide range of issues, not least our wish to see investment in public services rather than more cuts, we hope that they will represent progressive values in their new roles in Parliament.

With the Tories back in power to continue the divisive and counter-productive policies of austerity, Greens will continue to argue for another way – one of social justice and environmental sustainability. In the years ahead, these values will be needed more than ever and Greens will not give up working for them.

Adrian Cruden and Dr Ian Bullock

Green Party candidate for North Kirklees

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