Letter: Get involved in hospital campaign

I am usually a Conservative voter I am also on the committee of Save Local Hospital Services, it does not stop me whoever joins our group.

Politics are never discussed.

The reason why we have more Labour and Socialist people in our group it seems they are the only people who care, all the other parties have been invited to every meeting but have never turned up.

Simon Reevell our MP has been invited but says leave it to the clinicians. He will not support Dewsbury people in this cause.

Save Local Hospital Services Group held a meeting at Dewsbury Town Hall on Monday April 29, someone said when Dewsbury Hospital services A&E, critical care, vascular, midwifery, the children’s ward have all been down graded or lost what will be left? A rehabilitation hospital? It will not have foundation status so it will be closed like our Dewsbury District Hospital, Batley Hospital and Mirfield. Dewsbury people - bury your heads in the sand and blame politics for not getting involved.

Wendy Senior

Kennedy Close