Letter: Can’t have it both ways

I was amazed to read – actually on the same page – two comments by Coun John Lawson.

In the first, ‘Questions on level of sports provision’, he states that he believes that the Whitcliffe Mount provision should stay open as, incidentally, do I.

In the second article, ‘School rebuild backed’ Coun Lawson throws his support, as a school governor, behind the rebuilding of Whitcliffe Mount School, again something that I agree is very welcome.

My amazement is caused by his blatant duplicity and apparent belief that readers of your newspaper will not notice the sleight of hand by which allows himself to support the decision of the school governors to rebuild and at the same time decrying the closure of the sports facilities, when we all know that that it was the decision to rebuild the school that brought about the decision to demolish the sports centre.

Sorry Coun Lawson, but you can’t have it both ways.

Ken Lowe

Labour Candidate for


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