Letter: A first for the Friends of Cleckheaton Library

Thank you to chief librarian Carol Stump and area manager Alison Peadenfor an informative first meeting of the Friends of Cleckheaton Library.

June Smith, a member of the poetry group at Cleckheaton library, wrote the following, which sums up why so many of us value our wonderful local library:

It was November 1930 when this building came to life.

Donated by John Mowatt and opened by his wife.

He knew that reading books offers solace, joy and pleasure; he wanted this for Spenborough both for study and for leisure.

He gave 10,000 books to get this library going.

What a legacy he left without him ever knowing that this building’s filled with friendship, support and things to do, a place to come for everyone to try out something new.

There’s more than books in here bringing solace, joy and pleasure, it’s the people that you meet at Cleckheaton’s priceless treasure.

Please join us for the second meeting of the Friends group on Monday December 15 at the Masonic Lodge, Whitcliffe Road, Cleckheaton.

Kay Quantrill

Whitcliffe Road


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