Khan should eat words

It is not often I agree with the Prime Minister, but on the issue of too much red tape I totally support his view (PM: Let them eat cake at royal parties, Reporter, April 14).

As a former youth and community worker I have seen over the last few years more and more red tape from government and Kirklees Council with regards to community events.

We need to get back to common sense and let the groups make their own judgements, and maybe more and more volunteers will come forward to help at events.

With regards to Coun Mehboob Khan’s comments that they would never impose restrictions on groups either hiring or having events on council premises, we only need to look at the example of the poor Dewsbury Collegians and the rules imposed on them that cost them money.

Maybe Coun Khan needs to inform his officers as to what the council’s rules are and let the community groups get on with their valuable efforts.


Wesley Close