Keep our green lungs

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It is very encouraging to see that local people are all standing together to fight Kirklees Council’s wicked proposals to destroy the last remaining green oasis between Thornhill Lees and Ravensthorpe.

My reaction on first hearing this was that Kirklees was trying to wriggle out of a financial mess by getting rid of this land for a colossal sum of money.

Most of the arguments against the selling off of this land to provide extra housing have been forcefully put forward through local newspapers. We must now continually hammer home our opposition to these badly thought through plans until Kirklees simply cannot ignore the opposition.

Dewsbury South has seen massive housing developments in recent years in an attempt to match a growing population. We are now seeing a mixture of dwellings being erected on the old transformer site in Brewery Lane and I understand that this development will eventually be extended as far as Forge Lane.

Thankfully the present housing programme involves brownfield sites with no intrusion into the countryside.

However, even this moderate increase in population will seriously impact on local services, causing increased pressure on schools, health services and on a local road infrastructure already stretched beyond breaking point.

Kirklees Council must now examine brownfield sites in areas away from Dewsbury South as possible locations for housing developments.

We all have a duty in this ward to protect the greenbelt behind Ravensthorpe Road and ensure it remains a lung of open countryside to be enjoyed by ourselves and future generations.

Keep on with the fight and the battle will be won!


St Michael’s Mount