It was just offensive

I AM unashamedly a member of the Conservative Party and found Mr Hutchinson’s letter offensive (Growth and not cuts are not needed now, Letterbox, November 25).

He made no mention of the black hole left in this country’s treasury by the previous Labour Government.

The blame for our parlous state lay not with the European Union, the downturn of the Euro, or our trading partners such as Greece, Eire, Spain, Portugal and France but on the profligate spend, spend, spend, of the Brown, Balls and Miliband partnership who ran the treasury into the ground.

We, in partnership with the Liberal Democrats, are trying to put the country back on an even keel. He speaks of the Tory paymasters in the city, no mention of the Labour paymasters who want to take this country into a general strike. Accept the fact Mr Hutchinson, under Labour the hole became bigger and without firm action it would have become a grave for once proud Great Britain. So stop carping and work towards a brighter future.


Haworth Close