Is there life after death in politics?

Here we go again. Another week, another Hutchinson rant, another ‘it’s all the Tories fault’.

He demands an apology. For what? A valiant attempt to dig the UK out of the desperate financial quagmire created by the last Labour Government. He claims the Government is economical with the truth. Entirely subjective comment as he has no hard proof, but even if correct, preferable to the proven and deliberate distortion of facts by one A Blair when taking the UK into War with Iraq.

He equates personal borrowing for house purchase to public borrowing, claiming the Government sees the latter as a burden with implied suggestion the former is not. Wrong.

All borrowing beyond the ability to repay, personal or public, is a burden, and the horrendous burden of debt on the UK economy is due to, you’ve guessed it, the last Labour Government, who created a borrowing spree to underpin a supposedly booming economy. Smoke and mirrors of which Houdini would be proud. And he demands more borrowing.

Follow that policy and watch the UK credit rating get shredded to tatters.

Michael, there has been more than one previous reader comment to the fact you are blinkered. Add to that and wears rose tinted glasses. Wake up, smell the coffee, and next time you seek an apology ask that of Blair, Brown, and Balls!

R D Walker

Hurst Lane