Homes will ruin area

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Just a bit of history to give background to the high level of feelings regarding the proposed massive increase of housing stock in Thornhill Lees

In 1934 the old Dewsbury Borough provided the Thornhill Lees village with Lees Holm Park, a children’s play area, two bowling greens, two tennis courts, a pavillion and a first grade rugby field. Gradually all these facilities ceased being repaired and were eventually removed.

In the early 1980s a group of local people tried to get a children’s area replaced without success. Eventually a campaign committee was formed, funded with £500 earned by the local tenants and residents’ association and soon the kids had their (very basic) play area. Next came the multi-court, and eventually the community centre and medical centre etc. Various funders were responsible for our success. No other recreational facilities have been provided in our area unless you count a few kiddies items when they build an estate of houses. This area is seriously ignored by the local authority except when it comes to providing houses. The building on the old Transformer site bears no relation to the first plans issued.

Now we face a doubling of housing stock just in Thornhill Lees 2300 on the greenbelt, plus eventually a total of 450 houses on the Transformer/Austins site. These proposals affect us all – Thornhill and Savile Town and Thornhill Lees.

The Reporter informed us that the local authority may be going to look at its consultation operation again. We must convince them that this level of housing will have serious effects upon us, loss of trees and fields, more vehicle pollution, more stress getting to work and the kids to school etc. Remember, once planning permission is granted it will happen, not immediately but it will happen, attractive plans will be displayed but there is no guarantee that they will materialise, they have not down Brewery Lane.

The Action Group will be hosting another public meeting very soon to which Kirklees Leader Mehboob Khan has been invited along with our MP and local councillors. The date will be publicised and available by telephoning the Community Centre 01924 468053. If we stand together we can save our area, we must be united.


48 years resident or working in Thornhill Lees.