Homes plan meeting

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In view of the fact that Kirklees is still proceeding with the intention of building some 4,250 homes within our village of Thornhill Lees, may we please take the opportunity through this newspaper to let the electorate know the present situation. The members of the committee are still continuing with the house to house petition collecting signatures against this proposal.

Coun Mehboob Khan (leader of Kirklees Council) has agreed to attend a public meeting at the community centre along with some of his officers.

This will enable the residents to question him and his officers as to why our greenbelt is to be sacrificed just for the whims of some un-elected planning officers. We have forwarded to him some dates that hopefully will be suitable for him and his colleagues. On confirmation of this date we will notify the residents and hopefully exceed the 120 people who attended our first public meeting.


Secretary of Thornhill Lees Community Action Group