Help us find lost film

I WONDER if any readers can help track down a precious video recording.

I went to a wedding on Friday, September 9. This was one of my very special friend’s weddings.

My husband was best man and the night before the groom stayed with us. His future wife Karen had arranged for a red Ferrari to pick him up to take him to the venue, Ponderosa in Heckmondwike.

I filmed the whole thing. Sadly when we took a taxi home to Scout Hill, in Dewsbury we left the camera in the car by mistake.

The taxi firm, Bywell Cars, have not had the camera handed in yet, and I don’t expect it will be, but we are so upset about the footage, that can’t be bought and replaced.

All we want back is the tape, the video camera is just stuff that can be replaced, the memories however can’t. Please please please, can you help us trace the video or hand it in.


Ravenshouse Road

Scout Hill