Have you forgotten us?

I feel Earlsheaton has been forgotten.

Play areas seem to be springing up everywhere in the surrounding areas and we don’t have any. We have lots of children playing in the road where there are lots of junctions and parked cars. We need something doing before there is a incident involving a child and a car.

We brought this to the attention of Coun Paul Kane and Naomi Goddard last year and asked for a children’s play area for the fields at the bottom of Chatsworth Terrace, Earlsheaton.

These were in the plans 17 years ago when the houses at Becks Court were built in 1995 but never went ahead. This seems to keep resurfacing but nothing happens.

As I understand work is to start on the next phase of opening the tunnel from Dewsbury to Earlsheaton and Coun Kane said funds could be made available for a small play area to protect children from traffic.

Please advise if you can help.


Becks Court,