Greenfield promises

Unbelievable! I did not think that councillors Cathy Scott, Paul Kane and Eric Firth could do anything further to shock me. They did, however, surpass themselves at the Local Development Framework meeting at the Rams’ stadium.

All three stoically opposed the development of housing on any ‘greenfield’ site!

I am a little confused here. Are these not the same three same people, who only a few months ago, won their battle against almost 1,000 residents in supporting approval for the building of flats on a GREENFIELD site in Chickenley; this site being about half a mile from the site discussed at the meeting? Councillors Scott and Kane I believe are on the planning committee and voted for its approval!

I do have to take into account, however, their more specific reasons for opposing the development at Chidswell. As stated by Coun Firth, any development would impede his surroundings whilst out jogging and Coun Scott clearly did not want a development in her back yard! I will be contacting the above persons to ask why such a change of mind on greenfield sites in such a short space of time.


Secretary RAGE

(Residents against Greenfield Exploitation)