Good riddance McDonald’s

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So. After 26 years McDonald’s in Dewsbury is to close. Thank God.

On the few occasions that I have been in there I found the place filthy, the staff surly, badly educated and aggressive.

The place is filled with screaming children, foul mouthed shabby kids, foul mouthed ignorant ‘teen’ mums and generally ugly extremely shabby chavs, occasionally you may get the odd non-shabby person in there; the gene pool is to be cleansed.

What made me smile this morning reading the Dewsbury Reporter were the comments made by our local councillors; Eric Firth “around 18000 people a day pass through the nearby Bus Station.” So what Eric, how many pass through the nearby Railway Station?

Then we have ‘chest beater’ Councillor Kane: “It angers me that they take money out of the town and then when times are hard, they are on the first bus out of here.” - Yes Paul, the bus station, it is nearby.

He continues: “If they have no loyalty to the town then I suggest the people of Dewsbury should do the same and not go to McDonald’s anywhere else.” As if councillor, they are there to make money, not to show loyalty, get a grip. The owner says that it is no longer economically viable. I wonder why? The answer isn’t rocket science. Anyone for some more Bandstands?

Personally I hate Dewsbury with a passion, very rarely go in and when I do I feel the need to disinfect myself. Good Riddance McDonald’s.

Michael Bolton

Brooklands Avenue