Don’t let the few spoil fun

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I HAVE just read the article in last week’s Reporter, and am surprised that the issue of noise at St Mary’s Church Hall has come to the fore with such vengeance.

The rear of my home overlooks the building, and I knew that events took place when I moved here.

I noticed that parties seemed to spill over to the car park during the warm weather and that sounds carried then.

There have also been occasions when the noise has gone on after 11pm, but I was convinced that users of the premises had abused the booking agreement that insists on functions ending by that time.

Just recently there have been no problems and I am sure that now that the church authorities have been made aware of the complaint by my neighbour, they will ensure that lettings are correctly policed. It would be a shame to curtail the activities at this very useful community facility for the sake of anti-social actions by a few users of the facility.


Church Lane