Disgusted at treatment by JobCentre

I am curious as to whether this is Dewsbury Jobcentre’s usual code of practise when dealing with the unemplyed.

I signed on, on September 11, and a photocopy was made of my jobsearch log to be sent away for assessment, If it was not satisfactory, my money would be stopped.

I was, and am, searching for work using the Jobcentre. A relative was also searching the internet for me, as I am not computer literate.

On September 20 I was advised by the Jobcentre to fill in a hardship form to keep my claim active and was told “or you might not get paid next time”. You have to disclose your “savings” and what they don’t know is that my “savings” are actually to pay for my cremation and not a jolly holiday!

On September 23 I received a letter from Gateshead saying that payment from August 29 to September 11 had been disallowed.

This decision was made about a “doubt” (their wording, not mine). I signed again on September 25, and provided a job search log: Jobcentre jobsearch, using library computers, going the the local Jobclub and, of course, my relative was still searching the internet for me.

The member of staff, smiling at my face, said “That’s fine”, or words to that effect, and guess what, another letter from Gateshead, dated September 25 (the very same day as signing and my log hadn’t been sent this time) saying that my payment from September 12 to 25th had been disallowed, yet again.

They have written that from September 26, my Job Seekers’ Allowance, will be £71.70 (the norm) but that’s doubtful. If what I am doing now isn’t good enough and the Job Centre don’t tell you where you are failing, then how will it be good enough on September 26, or when I next sign on, on October 9?

So, talking about doubts, I too have my doubts about Dewsbury Jobcentre. We need them to be honest enough to warn us if we are nearing the danger zone or not doing enough. We, the unemployed, should be given a written warning, then we can be sure that our money is not being stopped on a mere whim. I doubt their sincerity when they are smiling at your face, making you believe you are doing what is expected of you to seek work. I doubt if they are interested in helping the unemployed find work.

There’s only one thing left for me to say. Job well done - I salute you!

Ruth Goeminne

Thorn Avenue