Dewsbury and District Hospital A&E saved my life

A few weeks ago I was rushed to Dewsbury for emergency treatment that saved my life. I was told that if I had been sent to Pinderfields I would not have survived the journey.

I have chronic kidney failure and the drugs and additional treatment I was given in the A&E department and renal satellite unit at Dewsbury kept me alive. (The renal unit is not under threat as it is an part of the Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust.)

If I was taken to Pinderfields there is no renal provision at the main hospital and so once there, after initial treatment, would I have to be moved to either Leeds or Pontefract of back to Dewsbury?
Does this make any sense, as it could cost people like me or other chrinically ill people our lives.
The A&E department at Dewsbury saves lots of lives each year and I am sure if the unit is downgraded, lives will be lost.
My second point is that when I was hospital a few months ago, at the weekend, ambulances were being diverted from Pinderfields A&E to Dewsbury because the department at Pinderfields could not cope with the number of emergencies.
Has anything changed or will it be a lottery as to how long you could wait a Pinderfields for emergency care?
The powers that be at Mid Yorkshire NHS Trustneed to explain how they will remedy these issues and not gamble with people’s lives to save money.
Before making a decision and listen to the people and not groups that have a vested interest in the remodelling of care.

Thomas Hinchcliffe MBE

Wesley Close