‘Crane’ spotted by Mann Dam was heron

I read the headline of a ‘crane’ (Grus grus) being spotted in the area in last week’s paper, supported by a reader’s photograph.

The photo is actually that of a grey heron (Ardea cinerea), which is relatively popular in this area.

It is a bird which enjoys fishing in garden ponds and the edges of lakes - feeding mainly on small fish and amphibians. There is at least one heron which frequents the trees on the island in Wilton Park.

You can see clearly that the head markings of the bird in the photograph is that of a heron, it does not have the clear red markings of the crane.

In addition to this cranes are occasionally seen migrating across the south and eastern parts of the UK and there is a very small summer colony with a single breeding pair in Norfolk.

It would be highly unlikely for one to be seen in this area.


RSPB Member

* Editor’s note: Many thanks to other readers who also spotted this error.