Consultation on hospital is a joke

For those that don’t know yet, Dewsbury Hospital is being threatened!

The nonsense that is being put about by the Mid Yorkshire Trust that they are centralising services for OUR good is a direct threat to the continuous provision of hospital services at Dewsbury Hospital

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all will be alright

I have been involved in the changes at Dewsbury hospital for years and never before have I felt that Dewsbury Hospital could, in the longer term be just a transit station to Pinderfields

In Lewisham over the last few weeks we have seen thousands of people taking to the streets because of the threat to close their A&E, I am urging the community of Dewsbury to follow their lead and not to sleepwalk into these changes

The A&E services and other treatments will be reduced in the proposals and in my view the A&E services will move to Pinderfields in the medium turn, take my word!

When the consultation (Joke) commences in March, I am imploring everyone to voice their opinions and attend the consultation events and tell these people, THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE

Cllr P Kane

Labour Councillor

Dewsbury East