Consider all the facts

CAN I correct the letter from Mr Peter Wood on May 25 (Reporter, Parking is a problem)

The Shaw Cross site is a greenf ield site, not brown. The reclaimed area for the proposed houses are on colliery waste and not on the household waste landfill area. This is stated by Sterling Schofield, the developers, and puts the houses at the back of Bywell Close, separated only by the public footpath.

His so-called southern access to the houses would use an existing entrance to the Shaw Cross site. This gravel road, now a public path, was to a former pit manager’s house and ventilation shaft and no direct route to the pit.

This would put a set of traffic lights 200 yards below the so-called Jack Hurd lights at Bywell junction, named after a well-known local councillor who fought for years for these lights, this would double the queuing communter traffic. Well we have Mr wood’s sympathy in all this at least!


Bywell Close