Church hall must stay

My back bedroom window faces St Mary’s Church hall in Mirfield and is approximately 30 yards from it.

In the past the noise at some functions has been intrusive, in particular one event for teenagers last summer which got out of hand. This has now all stopped because the church no longer accepts external bookings where live music or a disco is part of the event.

The internal fundraising events organised by the church for parishioners, their family and friends which involve music are now limited to 10 per year.

There is now no problem. They are finished by 11pm and I cannot imagine anything less like a night-club. We have entertained friends on these occasions and we have not heard anything. Similarly if I am watching TV or reading I have heard nothing. I probably would if I spent the evening by the window in my back bedroom listening

The fundraising from these events I understand is vital if this hall is to be maintained and to continue. It provides an invaluable asset to this community. For example, during afternoons old people’s groups meet for tea and company and church lunches are held periodically for elderly people. An annual art exhibition allows local artists to show their pictures. In the early evening young people’s groups gather, Rainbows, Brownies, Cubs, Scouts, and Guides.

A church pantomime is produced each February involving all age ranges. For weeks they turn up to rehearsals and are deeply involved and committed. The work of those in the church Hall joins the community together and provides an invaluable service for young and old.

I know about these activities not because I am part of the church or its management, but because everybody walks right underneath my sitting rooms window on their way to the hall.

This church and its hall are the hub of this local community.


Churh Lane