Beryl lived and raced for our town!

I refer to your March 28 Special Supplement Article “Harrogate: The Home of Cycling”.

This article is about the late Beryl Burton and she would turn in her grave if she read it now.

In it you appear to give credit to that town for all of Beryl’s achievements. I don’t dispute that Harrogate Cycling has a long and successful history but to try and link the legend that was Beryl Burton to it or any where else other than Morley is an outrage!

Beryl did participate with other clubs in her wonderful career but primarily she lived in and raced for Morley. Most of her fantastic records were achieved under the Morley banner and her feats are commemorated in several places in the town yet you fail to mention this. Of course there is friendly rivalry between newspapers and maybe because The Morley Observer is your major competitor you have taken the opportunity to slant the truth by way of a snub or maybe its just lazy journalism? Come on give credit where its due, please print a correction and give Beryl back to Morley.

David Lyon

Cobden Mews