Balloting worries

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I AM writing with election day concerns that I find worrying. Men were conspicuously waiting around outside our polling station trying to influence, sway, pressure, however you want to dress it up, to make sure their candidate won.

This is the third or fourth election day that this has happened at Providence Chapel.

This behaviour is unnerving and even intimidating. They wear both Lib Dem and Labour colours, and try to find how people voted. Why is this allowed to happen as they stand in the entrances to the polling station and why isn’t something being done about it?

Surely I’m not the only one extremely fed up of this happening. I even wonder if the officials inside do anything about dispersing the individuals outside. I wonder if them hanging around has an effect on some people going in to exercise their right to vote at all. Are people frightened to make their way through for their democratic right?

This may sound daft to some, but I refused to vote this time because of this. Is I may be a lone voice, but I feel strongly enough to refuse to vote again until something is done to stop these individuals hanging around.

Finally, I’d like to ask Messrs O’Donovan and Hussain to remove all election posters from all lampposts in our area as soon as possible, as we don’t want to have them cluttering up our streets for months on end.

And while you’re at it ask Khizar Iqbal to take down his general election poster from May 2010 from outside Dewsbury Health Centre too please. I mean it has been a year hasn’t it!


St John Parade