An open mind on NHS changes

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I went to my first Dewsbury Area Committee Meeting last week to hear the arguments for and against the local NHS changes.

I’d just assumed that I was against these changes having read that the consultation would be a joke and that local doctors were letting down the public.

At the meeting I asked Dr Matt Shepherd, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Alison Grove, Consultant in Obstetrics and Dr David Kelly a local GP to stand in front of the meeting and say that in their opinion these changes were good for the people of Dewsbury.

These seemed pretty switched on people who, in turn, said that if they didn’t genuinely believe these changes were for the better they wouldn’t support them.

As a lay person I can’t profess to know the details of the case, so you have to rely on those who seem to know what they’re talking about.

They came across as experts.

It’s for the Trust to put forward their reasons for doing this, but they seem to be winning so far.

In my opinion.

Andrew Farrow.

Ullswater Road