A local hospital for local people

After Batley, Dewsbury, Moorlands and Staincliffe hospitals were all closed, a new Dewsbury and District one was built to serve the area.

Pinderfield’s little huts were pulled down to make way for the new Pinderfields Hospital, which is miles away from our local area. Pinderfields can’t cope now with A&E.

In the event of a patient having a heart attack in this area, if the decision was taken to take the patient to Pinderfields, it would take longer to get there, which could result in treatment being delayed.

Appointments made at Pinderfields cause problems. The parking is not very good and it could take ages to park up – and if you are the patient wanting to park you could miss your appointment.

We had a nice new hospital built at Dewsbury and District to serve us, so why should Dewsbury be the fall guy and have all the services moved to Pinderfields when this hospital could do what it was built for?

Wakefield has two hospitals close together, Pinderfields and Pontefract. Why should we have to travel all that way when there is a good hospital on the doorstep which could do with being upgraded rather than downgraded, with all the people in the surrounding district which is multi-cultural and well-populated and should be served with its own well equipped hospital.
I have been told that the shuttle bus to Pinderfields is not a very good service and patients are being given appointments at 7am in the morning. How are the elderly going to get ready to get there for that time? To get a taxi would cost a fortune.

I think this whole project should be looked at and better thought out, and implemented to serve our local areas.

From my house to Pinderfields is 10.5 miles. From my house to Dewsbury is about two miles, and I can be there very quickly.


Healds Avenue