School in Dewsbury teams up with ASDA to collect donations for Ukraine

Boothroyd Primary Academy has teamed up with ASDA to collect donations for the Ukraine appeal.

By Jessica Barton
Tuesday, 8th March 2022, 5:00 pm
Boothroyd Primary Academy collecting donations for Ukraine at ASDA on Saturday March 5.
Boothroyd Primary Academy collecting donations for Ukraine at ASDA on Saturday March 5.

The school in Dewsbury has teamed up with the supermarket, on Mill Street West, after being inundated with donations from the local community last week.

The school started accepting donations within 24 hours of the conflict breaking out in Eastern Europe.

These donations included vital items such as warm clothing, shoes, nappies, wipes, sanitary products and school supplies.

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The collection on March 5 raised £883 in cash and four trollies worth of goods.

Mandi Reeve, community champion at Boothroyd Primary Academy, said: “We managed to fill the school minibus full of donations and items which are needed.

“On Thursday (March 3) we then travelled in the minibus to another of our academy schools in Bradford, Thornton Primary School, and dropped our donations there as they are a pick-up point.

“Thornton Primary School had also been overwhelmed with donations.”

On Friday, March 4, more donations arrived at Boothroyd Primary Academy, and it has since started collecting donations again.

The scool have been inundated with donations.

Boothroyd Primary Academy was then approached by ASDA last week as its community champion Sharon Kingswood had seen the school’s plea for donations on social media.

Sharon invited Mandi and some colleagues to spend Saturday, March 5, at ASDA collecting donations.

Mandi added; “We were inundated with donations on Saturday.

“We collected four full trolleys and our buckets were full of money. People were extremely generous and just wanted to help.

“ASDA has agreed to continue this throughout the coming week.”

Sharon said: “We as a business want to support Ukraine in any way we can.

“Me and Mandi both shared on social media that we were going to be accepting donations at ASDA on Saturday.

“The colleagues from the store saw this and donated a full trolley worth of toiletries, just the colleagues within a day - I was so overwhelmed I cried.

“It was just overwhelming to think that there were all these people out there who were going to support the cause so quickly - normally you have to publicise quite a few weeks beforehand.

“On Saturday alone we collected £883 in cash and four trollies worth of goods.

“The response for that one day was immense, I have never seen a response like it - it was really amazing.

“We have said you don’t have to buy the products from us, we are not asking you to shop with us, it is not to make money for ASDA whatsoever - just bring whatever you can and we will accept it.”

On Friday, March 11, Boothroyd Primary Academy is holding a non-uniform day as the children have also asked to help with raising funds for the appeal.

The children have been asked to donate £1 if they come in non-uniform.

Cakes and buns will also be sold throughout the day for staff and children to purchase, in order to raise more money for the appeal.

Donations can be dropped off at Boothroyd Primary Academy, Cemetery Road, Dewsbury, WF13 3QE or at ASDA, Mill Street West, Dewsbury, WF12 9AE.