Wonky veg set to march into Asda

'˜Wonky veg' - the oddly-shaped but perfectly edible produce championed by Jamie Oliver - is to be introduced across the UK.

The initiative by supermarket Asda has proved enough of a success in trials across the south of England to be rolled out nationwide.

Asda has committed to making the selection box of ‘ugly’ fruit and veg available permanently, putting 10,000 of the £3.50 boxes into each of its 550 stores.

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The move follows Channel 4’s ‘Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast’ challenging Asda to extend the trial on the 5kg fresh produce box further.

The retailer says that the pack is enough to feed a family of four for a working week. Retailing at £3.50 - 30% cheaper than standard lines - the contents of the wonky fruit and vegetable box will vary dependent on the season, but carrots, potatoes, peppers, cucumber, cabbage, leeks, parsnips and onions will be among the most regular contents.

The boxes contain items which would not usually make their way onto the regular shelves - 15% of potatoes do not meet specifications because they’re too big, too small or blemished, while 10% of onions are the ‘wrong’ shape and size.

Customer research shows that 65% of Asda customers are now open to the idea of wonky veg with 75% drawn in by the lower price.

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