Women in North Kirklees urged to attend smear tests

GPs in the district are reminding women to attend tests to detect cervical cancer.
HEALTH ADVICE Dr David Kelly. (d532c309)HEALTH ADVICE Dr David Kelly. (d532c309)
HEALTH ADVICE Dr David Kelly. (d532c309)

Dr David Kelly, chairman of North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said people should make a simple decision to take cervical cancer seriously when they receive an invitation to have a smear test.
He said: “Women have no need to be embarrassed by the tests, which are quick and painless. 
“A simple smear test enables women to receive treatment before it is too late, preventing unnecessary deaths. So our message is clear – don’t ignore your smear test.”
The message comes as National Cervical Cancer Screening Week gets underway.
The CCG said cervical cancer is the most common form of cancer in women 35 and under, as nine women are diagnosed with the disease in the UK each day and three women will lose their lives.
In most cases cervical cancer is caused by a virus.
Though four out of five women will be affected most will not develop cancer, but those who do can usually be cured if it is diagnosed early enough.

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