Woman terrified by car vandals

A woman she was left terrified when youths kicked and stamped on her car as she watched.

Julie Murphy, 62, witnessed the vandalism late last Saturday night.

The gang of seven boys had snapped the wing mirror of her Citroen and dented the passenger-side door.

Mrs Murphy, who lives on Crossley Lane, Mirfield, with her husband Jeffery, 70, said: “It’s terrifying, really frightening.

“I can’t afford to have the car done but we can’t do without a car.”

Mrs Murphy said vandalism is common in the area, and her previous car was written off after a similar attack.

A police spokesman said: “Police were called on April 14 to a report of criminal damage on a car parked on Crossley Lane.

“Officers have been in contact with the victim and attempted to call at her home but were unable to speak to anyone inside.”