Woman jailed for life for tying friend to bed and stabbing her repeatedly

Shaunna Littlewood.Shaunna Littlewood.
Shaunna Littlewood.
A WOMAN who tied her best friend to a bed and stabbed her repeatedly in a 'motiveless' attack has been jailed for life.

Victim Sarah Holden almost bled to death after being stabbed 17 times by Shaunna Littlewood after they had spent the evening drinking together.

A court heard Littlewood, 26, tied Ms Holden up by her wrists and ankles before fetching a knife and inflicting the horror injuries to her legs, body, chest, neck and face.

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During the attack Littlewood said “sorry Princess” to her friend before continuing to inflict further knife wounds.

Littlewood was told she must serve a minimum of seven years in custody before she can be considered for parole.

A judge warned her it was possible she may never been released from custody.

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Ms Holden read an emotionally charged statement to the court describing the impact of the injuries she had suffered.

She told Leeds Crown Court: “I trusted Shaunna because she was my best friend.

“But because of what she has done to me I do not trust anyone. Not even my own family.”

She added: “I hate looking at myself in the mirror because of the scars.”

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Simon Waley, prosecuting, said the attack took place at Littlewood’s home on Gladstone Court, Dewsbury, in the early hours of July 9 last after after the two women had spent the evening drinking togteher.

Littlewood tied Ms Holden to the bed then began stabbing her to the legs.

The victim managed to free her left hand and tried to stop the attack but Littlewood continued to stab her.

Littlewood stopped the attack and rang a friend to tell him what she had done.

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Littlewood’s friend then went to the property and tried to help Ms Holden before calling an ambulance.

She was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where she she needed treatment to 17 separate stab wounds.

Mr Waley said Ms Holden had suffered internal bleeding close to her heart from one stab wound to her breast.

She also suffered a collapsed lung and wounds to her neck, abdomen and jaw.

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The prosecutor said Ms Holden’s injuries were long term and she continues to have problems breathing and problems with her vocal cords.

Mr Waley said the motive for the attack was still not unclear.

Littlewood, now of King Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

The court heard Littlewood has previous convictions for serious violence,

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In 2014 she was given a prison sentence for an attack in which she stamped on another woman’s head.

She also has a conviction for biting a prison officer.

Catherine Silverton, mitigating, said Littlewood had no memory of carrying out the attack and was suffering from a mental disorder.

Miss Silverton said: “She has no idea why she has done it.

“She has described herself this morning as a monster.

“She will never drink alcohol again.

“Even in prison, people think she is silly because she will not even use a knife to cut her food.”

Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, told Littlewood he considered her to pose a serious danger to the public.

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He said she would only be considered for release from custody after completing the minimum seven year term and was no longer considered a danger.

He said: “It was a motiveless attack, but had an element of premeditation and persistence.”

During the hearing, Ms Holden stood across the court from Littlewood and read a victim statement.

She said: “I just do not think I can trust anyone anymore.

“Since Shaunna tried to kill me I have had threats on social media.

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“I have had to leave my family and live by myself. I feel so isolated being away from my family.

“I do not feel safe in my own home.

“There are days when I feel so depressed I do not get out of bed.

“I do not feel that I love myself. If I can’t love myself how is someone else going to love me.”