Who cares for elderly?

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I CARE for my disabled wife and I have done for almost nine years.

We have been victims of a lot of changes over this period. The most recent was following a decision to remove all the regular care workers from their usual client and send them further afield. For instance the care workers who attended clients in Mirfield were moved to Birstall, the care workers in Birstall were moved to Mirfield etcetera.

In winter the home care system was in chaos and the brains behind this master plan seemed to go into hiding. The plans were quietly changed back again. All the planning and the upset to both the staff and the care victims, along with the money spent was a complete waste of time. The extra milage and the time spent travelling must have gone throught the roof.

The massive cost to Kirklees, along with all the upset caused was brushed under the office carpet. This is a senior person responsible for the care of our most vulnerable people. It’s like a time bomb ticking away. Doncaster councill was like this a few years ago, need I say more?

New changes are due to start comming into force in September this year. As far as I am aware none of the disabled or elderly have been considered in any way, nor have they been consulted. They were sent a letter to say that starting in September their carer would change. Bearing in mind, most of the people needing care are in no possition to object, sadly many are unable to understand, so not surprisingly they are easy prey for this new Kirklees cost cutting experiment.

Being disabled or old is not a crime, it can happen to anyone. It is however a long term problem where privatisation is a short term solution. If the private (profit-making) sector can take over, and run the home care efficiently what does this tell us about the managment running it now? Councillors attempt to making the ballance sheet apear good for the short period that they are in power, very often leaving the problem for the next councill to sort it out. We see this after every change of council or government control.

The majority of care users are unable to speak for themselves. I hope that, through letters like this, the elderly and disabled will be safe, and treated with the dignity that they deserve.


Groveshall Road