What’s wrong with having best buddies?

I LOVE to read Sarah Hall’s column and found last weeks particularly interesting.

I still keep in touch with many friends that I went to nursery school with, and as my mother would say some of us were dragged up together.

Both my children have best friends that they made in nursery school and are still friends to this day, but still continue to make new friends along the way, so how can this be classed as upsetting?

Surely it’s about life experiences – some you keep some you lose, but there’s always plenty more along the way in my opinion.

Interestingly enough I ended up marrying someone I went to nursery with. We also went to junior school and high school together not that we ever had anything to do with one another at school but now we’re not just husband and wife but best friends too. I’m looking forward to reading this week’s article.


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