What do ministers in North Kirklees thinks about female bishop vote?

Anglican ministers in North Kirklees have welcomed the Church of England’s decision to allow female bishops.

The Rev Kathy Robertson, of St John the Evangelist, Dewsbury Moor, said: “I’m very pleased, it’s a good decision.

“Presumably when it is all signed and sealed things will be equal and hopefully women will be given an equal opportunity to fill those roles.”

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She said that listening to the concerns of church members who disagreed with the change was the reason the legislation succeeded this time where it had failed in 2012.

She said: “It’s a responsibility to make sure everyone is cared for so everyone can still feel a part of the big picture.

“Any decision is made in theological reflection. It is a journey we go on and when we journey together we can reach a destination.”

Father Anthony Howe of St. John’s, Carlinghow, and Christ Church, Staincliffe, said he and his parishioners would have preferred the changes to not have happened.

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But he said archbishops listened to concerns and the opt-out provision was important.

“It is a church for everyone.

“We want to be positive and not negative.

“It’s important all the church can get on with it’s job.”

The General Synod of the Church of England voted to allow women to become bishops by a two-thirds majority.

But there is a clause that allows parishes to opt out.

Bishop of Leeds Nick Baines said: “I believe women bishops will have a hugely positive impact on the Church of England, and I look forward to the first consecration.”

Cleckheaton vicar Brunel James said he was delighted at the decision and that the response from his parishioners had been overwhelmingly positive.