We want a green flag

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I WAS very disappointed to read Mr Elliott’s letter (Let us park here again, Letterbox, Dewsbury Reporter, June 17) about Crow Nest Park.

We all want Green Flag status for the park in recognition of the huge improvements that have been made recently by Kirklees and the park’s hardworking staff.

The restored and replanted conservatory, the play areas, the adventure playground, the restoration of the mansion, the felling of trees and clearing of undergrowth, the excellent standards of maintenance of the grass and planted areas all reflect a high level of commitment by Kirklees Council and its staff to make Crow Nest Park a delightful resource for our community.

Disabled parking places are part of Kirklees’ continuing plans for the park. Please don’t knock our park and the people that make it the peaceful haven it is, come and join the Friends and work with us to make it even better!


Friends of Crow Nest Park