We’re British people too

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RE: The English Defence League demonstration in Dewsbury.

Getting a text from my sister last Tuesday, which I read last Wednesday, about the demo really terrified me. Walking into the market in Dewsbury, that day a lady was talking of what was going to happen on Saturday and quickly stopped talking when seeing me.

Why? We are just normal people who God created differently and sent to the UK. God has reasons to have sent people of different colours, cultures and religions down to the UK.

I am a proud British-born Muslim, I am proud to be British!

Thank God there wasn’t any trouble on Saturday. The West Yorkshire Police I so admire, they did a fantastic job. Thank you.

They even warned all the Muslims through the receiver at the mosque not to go to Dewsbury. Thank God things went ok, and I do hope those thugs enjoyed seeing our lovely, friendly towns of Batley and Dewsbury!

I hope things like that won’t happen again and that we can all live in peace and harmony.


Lady Ann Road