We partied in the street

Pic Nost Friends'East Borough
Pic Nost Friends'East Borough

LAST week we remembered those who had given their lives for their country in war, and it was right and fitting to do so.

We saw on television war veterans speak movingly of their experiences and it made us think about the great sacrifices so many made.

Looking back, it makes you wonder how people managed to get through it all, both those on the battlefield and those at home.

But the war made us realise that people are made of stronger stuff than we think and they did pull through.

I’m sure they did it by pulling together and it was this kind of coming togetherness which continued after the war.

People came together to celebrate victory and give thanks that finally it was all over and the sirens had stopped at last.

There were street parties throughout the country and dancing in the streets and for a brief period the horrors of war were forgotten.

It is these pictures which make me smile more than any others because they remind me of the people I grew up with. The people on these photographs are just ordinary people, our mums and dads, our grandmas and grandads, and they all look so happy.

You can see they wanted to share their happiness with others, their neighbours and friends.

Street parties were the only way they could do it and even though food was still rationed, they pooled their resources and shared what they had.

When I look back at photographs I often wonder if people today would come together like that.

I doubt it because people are separated these days by garden walls and fences and the fences seem to get higher.

In the old days most people lived in streets without gardens and they couldn’t help but try and get on.

People came together in times of joy and sorrow, and strong friendships were formed among neighbours which lasted lifetimes.

I hope this picture makes you smile too. You might recognise someone you know – or even yourself!