Warning over scam email

People are being warned about a scam email purporting to be from a solicitors that is actually a computer virus.
Police are warning people about the scam.Police are warning people about the scam.
Police are warning people about the scam.

Email inboxes around the world are currently being hit by an email saying it is from to be from Green Winick Attorneys at Law.

The email claims that you are required to appear in court and should click a link to download the court notice and read it thoroughly.

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The message suggests that, if you fail to appear as requested, the judge may hear the case in your absence.

However, the email is not from Green Winick or any legitimate legal firm, it is a scam.

It is a criminal ruse designed to trick you into installing malware (a virus) on your computer. If you click the link in the email, you will be taken to a website which will install the notorious Asprox/Kulouz malware.

Once downloaded and installed, it will allow criminals to maintain control of your infected computer.

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Courts or law firms are very unlikely to send unsolicited emails demanding that recipients appear in court. If you receive one of these ‘Notice to Appear’ emails, do not click any links or open any attachments that it contains. Simply delete or send the email to your Spam folder.

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