Walkers to feel the heat

Roger Tate
Roger Tate

Daredevils are being urged to take part in a sponsored fire walk to raise money for charity.

The Society for the Blind of Dewsbury, Batley and District is seeking brave volunteers to walk across hot coals barefoot raise cash for the Soothill-based charity.

Money will also be donated to the Howland Centre in Dewsbury.

Activities and communication manager Kate Holdsworth said: “You come away feeling that you can do anything, as you have quite literally walked over hot embers at over 1,000 degrees.”

The fire walk takes place on Saturday (September 7) from 5.30pm.

It will be held at the Whitfield Centre, in Soothill Lane, Batley.

Details are available from Kate on 01924 445222 or kateh@northkirkleesblind.org.uk.