Videos tout NHS improvements across North Kirklees

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NHS North Kirklees has helped produce a series of animated videos to advertise the health service’s efforts at improvement.

Our Street tells the stories of fictional residents based on real-life experiences, which inform people about changes to the way health and social care will be delivered

Resulting from ‘Meeting the Challenge’ consultations in 2013, Mid Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust is claiming to make services more efficient and joined up, with care closer to people’s homes to avoid patients going straight to A&E.

One of the videos’ characters, Terry Ramsden, is based on he story of Briestfield man Tony Shuttleworth, 75, who received speedy treatment in March after his legs suddenly swelled up.

Tony said: “The process was very smooth. It felt like the NHS is getting in place a lot of the things they said they wanted to do.”

David Kelly, chairman of North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group, said that it was clear from Tony’s treatment, in which he was referred directly by his GP to Dewsbury and District Hospital’s Ambulatory Day Care Unit, that experiences arealeady changing for the better.

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