VIDEO: Injured rugby league player Ryan Glynn is back on his feet

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When rugby league player Ryan Glynn broke his neck, doctors told him that his recovery was firmly down to him.

And just eight weeks later Ryan is back on his feet – after battling through two major operations and a stroke. The 25-year-old is now walking with the aid of crutch, and is improving every day.

Ryan Glynn - The injured Shawcross Sharks player after his broken neck. (D543A318)

Ryan Glynn - The injured Shawcross Sharks player after his broken neck. (D543A318)

Ryan’s dad Mick said: “I knew from day one that he would walk again. I know his head – he’s determined.”

The former Dewsbury Rams player suffered a serious spinal injury while playing for Shaw Cross Sharks in March. After undergoing two operations at a specialist unit in Sheffield, things were looking up for Ryan.

But days later he suffered a stroke in the night. He woke up unable to move much of his body. “When I saw his face struggling – trying to move – we didn’t know what was going to happen,” said Mick, 45.

It was a major setback, but Ryan was determined not to be beaten. “I was asking for more physio before I was out of bed. But I wasn’t allowed so had weights brought to me in bed.”

Ryan was able to move one of his legs after a few days and can now clinch his fist and even wiggle a little finger.

And despite being given a wheelchair, he has barely used it since he arrived home last week. “I never get down about it,” he said. “I just get on with making a recovery.”

Ryan paid tribute to the support of his family. “I wouldn’t be back at home without them. It’s going to be hard knowing that I can’t play rugby again. But my health comes first and I have other opportunities ,like coaching.”

Rugby league players will step into the ring for a boxing event in aid of the Ryan Glynn Fund. The Battle in Batley takes place on June 16 at the Frontier. Call Mick Turner on 07973359548.