VIDEO: Hunt for D Day veterans to revisit Normandy

A search has been launched with the intention of contacting every surviving D Day veteran.

Remembrance Travel - the travel arm of the Royal British Legion - aims to get in touch with war heroes, to make them the offer of a free-of-charge trip to Normandy, to pay respects to their fallen comrades.

The tours are being funded by the Treasury from LIBOR fines, and will enable a D Day veteran to return with a family member and carer on a six-night tour.

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The tours will take place in March, April, May and September of 2017 and will give Normandy veterans - who will now be mostly in their 90s - the chance to revisit the Normandy beaches, cemeteries and memorials.

The tours, departing from London, will be accompanied by a medic and a guide from the Royal British Legion.

The journey will be via Eurotunnel from Dover to Calais and include accommodation, visits to Pegasus Bridge, Juno, Sword, Gold beaches, Arromanches, and war memorials, plus the chance for veterans to personally specify cemeteries to visit.

Since there is no database of D Day veterans, Remembrance Travel is calling on the general public to spread the word - asking that anyone who knows a D Day veteran to let them know about the free tours.

Normandy veterans interested in the tours should apply to Arena Travel on 01473 660800, or visit