Video: Could Spen have the Christmas number one?

A group of DJs in Cleckheaton look set to give Band Aid 30 a run for Christmas number one.

Cleckheaton Online Radio are never shy of a challenge, and new single “Unsigned” is the latest collaboration between themselves and local musicians.

Local record company Reverse Charge picked up the song and helped the group record a video for the single. They are now hoping for it to chart in time for Christmas.

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The group aims to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, the radio station and the Cleckheaton Folk Festival through sales of the download.

David Tennant, from Reverse Charge, said: “When I heard what the project was raising money for we jumped at the chance to be involved, I loved the song and the idea that a group of musicians from completely different genres and backgrounds in music were willing to collaborate on a project to help out a worthwhile causes.

“The song is a great pop song with a Christmas feel and I’m sure that it will help to raise a lot of money for some very worthy causes.”

The station is not new to the limelight – earlier this year the group raised money for charity with a Big Brother challenge in which each of the DJs were holed up in the booth for days.

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Wayne Davidson, station manager, added: “I decided I wanted to do something for Christmas to fundraise for the station and the local community as we are all self funding projects, but then we got involved with the British Heart Foundation after a recent family scare.

“I wanted to do something for the BHF because the work they do is amazing and the support they offer to people and families is second to none.”

Unsigned as performed by Cleckheaton Online Radio Foundation is to be released on Monday December 1.

The song and accompanying music video will be available from major digital outlets including: Itunes, HMV and Amazon – and will be available to stream through all major sites like Napster and Spotify.