Victorians were more enlightened

Last week’s opinion piece by Margaret Heward regarding the possible closure of the public toilets in Birstall was correct when it stated that the Victorians were more enlightened when it came to public health than our council is. 
It seems that it does not matter how inconvenienced some residents are, especially the elderly who are more prone to water-work problems than most, as long as the council can be seen to be saving the tax payer some cash and thereby doing us all a favour. Perhaps the said council can explain why it was necessary to close the public conveniences in Batley, Heckmondwike and Cleckheaton, yet can still have two open in Dewsbury, one in the market and another on Longcauseway, and not forgetting the ones in Dewsbury Bus Station?

Perhaps one of our elected councillors would care to comment in your columns?

I just hope that when those who voted to close the toilet facilities reach their retirement, and they are caught short and there is nowhere to go, they will recall to their shame that it was their own actions that brought this unacceptable state of affairs to pass. Of course the electorate has the power, as in all elections, to vote out those councillors and replace them with others who may reverse this misguided decision.

D Sykes

Commercial Street