Twitter takes talk of Karen Matthews’ release global

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Latest news...

The release of Karen Matthew from prison today has people talking around the globe.

The former Dewsbury Moor woman’s name was a worldwide trend on social networking website Twitter earlier, making it one of the ten most used phrases in the messages people were posting.

Michelle Lancaster said: “Big hoohah on #daybreak about Karen Matthews’ release after 4 yrs in jail for kidnapping daughter Shannon. Why drag it all up again? Futile.”

Duncan Bannatyne said: “Karen Matthews on Jeremy Kyle show?!?! That I want to see.”

Natalie Horn said: “karen matthews might be released from prison today, after only serving four years.... what a joke.”

David Harney said: “Karen Matthews will be released from prison today after serving 4 of her 8yr sentence for the kidnap of her daughter Shannon. New ID issued.”

John B said: “Many condemning Karen Matthews. she plumbed the depths of stupidity and irresponsibility..but her punishment doesn’t end here.#conscience”

Andrea Connolly said: “Bad enough that Karen Matthews is released, but the fact she will get a new identity, house and money from tax payers is sick #unjustworld”

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